Shipping machinery can feel daunting but all you really need are reliable project cargo handlers. You need a team that is experienced and known for their attention to detail and meticulous planning. Whether the machine is big or small, no matter how heavy it is or what its dimensions are, there are a few basic things to keep in mind for safe machinery shipping. Here’s a 10 point checklist.


First and foremost, you must have proper documentation proving ownership of the machines and the machine type. You must also have a detailed packing list of all the equipment for import and export of goods through shipping line containers. If there are any parts of the machine that are shipped separately, these must be listed individually.


No matter how sturdy you think the machine is and how well it is packed and loaded, there is always the risk of damage. Hence, ensure that the machine’s value is properly assessed and it is properly insured.

A clean machine

The machines must be cleaned properly before they are packed. This ensures that the commercial cargo forwarders find sufficient handholds and tie-down points. Cleaning the machine also minimizes debris that could cause damage in-transit.

Run a safety check

Before handing over the machine, run a safety check to ensure that the equipment is in working order.

Close and lock

Any loose elements must be stowed separately or locked into place before shipping. Zip ties are very helpful in keeping latches closed and safe from being swung open mid-transport. You may also want to use safety stickers and signs.

Unplug batteries

Though the machine will not be in use, the battery may drain itself while in transit. Hence, always unplug all batteries and pack them separately.

Appropriate packaging

The materials used to pack goods for petrochemical shipping and those for solid metal are very different. You must choose proper exterior packaging and casing to keep the machine protected from bumps as well as exposure to the environment.


Before the cargo starts moving, you must ensure that the machine is securely lashed down with no risk of moving. It is important to note that when a ship moves across the sea, it is subject to movement in every direction. A single lose tie can be disastrous.

Load size

Even when you’re partnering with a break bulk shipping provider, try and avoid exceeding the length, width and height limits. In some cases, you may need to dismantle part of the machine. This may seem like extra effort but it will make cargo movement easier and faster.

Relevant contact details

You need to know where your cargo is at all times especially when you are looking for a cross border shipping solution. Hence, make sure you have the right contact details for the team handling your machine.

Most importantly, always choose a logistics partner who is experienced with shipping machines. Go through reviews by previous customers and choose a partner carefully. After all, your machines are company assets and must always be protected.

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