BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics Co. Ltd.

Logistics & Warehousing

Speed and agility – the key to getting fashion products out of Middle East on time

Logistics & Warehousing

Speed and agility – the key to getting fashion products out of Middle East on time


Transport of Packaged Goods

We have deep expertise in the transport of packaged goods as part of our supply chain management solutions division which acts as a partner to our customers.

Warehousing and Storage

We have large terminals and warehouses across key cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia providing secure and effective storage capabilities for our customers precious cargo.

National Road Transport

We provide road transport across Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries with the fastest achievable time frames.

Forwarding Services

We provide forwarding services throughout the Kindom of Saudi Arabia, both Door-To-Door and Port-To Door.


1,300+ employees at over 20 locations in five countries. Turn your logistics into a strategic success factor with us.


Since its foundation in 1990, BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics. Co. Ltd consolidated itself as leading freight forwarders and logistics company of Saudi Arabia.

With Corporate Head Office located at Jeddah and branches in Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail and Rabigh and a UAE branch in Dubai.

The focus and objective of BAFCO International has always been to set and deliver highest standard of services by constantly improving on its competence and efficiency.

More than two successful decades in the market of freight forwarding and logistics industry, have enabled the company to gain both invaluable experience and a reputation as a truly reliable partner.

Our stable cooperation with leading industries, in the capacity of a specialized forwarding agency within the folding, throughout these years is the best proof of this.

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BAFCO International provides fastest achievable transit time by road within Saudi Arabia as well as GCC countries.  BAFCO International provides guaranteed daily services to / from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail  and Dubai.

BAFCO International has its own 105 trailer trucks, under the control of its Transport Departments. Availability of our own trailers is an added advantage to our customers.  Movement of trailers are planned methodically every evening by the Transport Departments in co-ordination with Operations Departments, whichHow to do my assignments? At the school of notion which dominates parenting in the us, the response is uncomplicated. This is how it will operate: write down and obtain oneself a pad of paper. Your boy or girl will need to make notes through the working day that you can. Make sure to point out any changes or additions also. Try to have a lot of the notes together with ideas insured in addition as your personalized. Ideally this goes to keep the worry of assignments .

enables the company to maintain the customers’ ‘time-frame’.


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BAFCO International has developed its sea freight services to meet the specific requirements of its customers, which not only controls the shipping costs, but also streamlines the entire movement process..

The Key features are.


  • Worldwide FCL, LCL, Conventional, RoRo and Project Cargo movements.
  • Reliable Sailings to meet the requirements of customers
  • Best Transit Times
  • Door to Door Deliveries
  • Competitive Rates
  • Monitor the shipment from origin to the final destination
  • Basem International Focuses on best relationship with well established shipping lines to extend the best service to its customers.


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BAFCO INTERNATIONAL has extensive experience in the organization and coordination of logistical projects from or to any part of the world.  Through a combination of know-how and an unbeatable network of specialized agents, the company is able to take control of any kind of shipment no matter how complex or how far away the destination may be..

The Project Group is designed to provide a centralized co-ordination point for customers with unique service requirements and multi-modal forwarding needs.  Specialist personnel with above normal and heavy lift load experience are available to co-ordinate worldwide freight movements to single or multisite destinations. The scope of services undertaken by the Project Group may encompass expediting, loading supervision, multi-modal forwarding, customs clearance and delivery to final destination


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Our CONTAINER / GENERAL CARGO STORAGE TERMINALS have an area of 200,000 square meters, properly fenced, adequately guarded and the entire area is fully asphalted.  All necessary equipments are in place including 45-ton container handlers and stackers, 10-ton forklifts and small forklifts to stuff container cargo.
  • With owned container handlers and stackers both loaded and empty adds advantages
  • Workshops at the terminals add to time saving and cargo movement without any interruption
  • Handling cargo with sophisticated equipments, with utmost care and delicacy
  • We have state of art modern terminal & warehouse inventory management software
  • Palletized product handling & storage facility
  • Pallet inverter facility with new and modern machinery.
  • The company goes an extra mile for its customers in the ever increasing competitive world
  • Four stack Container Handlers / Stackers, brand new equipment to handle 20’ and 40’ with a capacity of 45 Tonnes
  • Our terminals are in compliance with all governmental and industrial Safety procedures and equipped with all necessary firefighting equipment and security surveillance cameras.


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